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Noflindawati 1,2,Aswaldi Anwar 2, Yusniwati2 dan Agus Sutanto1
1) Balai Penelitian Tanaman Buah Tropika
2)Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Andalas
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The papaya plant has three types of flowering, male flowers, female flowers, and perfect flower (hermaphrodite). The difference in interest affects the shape of the resulting fruit. This study aimed to characterize morphology and cytology of papaya flowers. The study was conducted in Tropical Fruit Research Institute at Solok and Laboratory of SPT at the Biology Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra. The research material uses papaya flowers Merah Delima variety from KP. Aripan Balitbu Troipka. The results showed the male flowers of male plants were smaller than the male flowers of the perfect plant. The difference of hermaphrodite flower of pentandria with hermaphrodite elongata flower, among others, the number of stamens, the length of the stem and the size of the ovary. Hermaphrodite pentandria has a number of stamens 5 while elongata has stamens 10

Keyword : female flower, hermaprodite flowers, male flower, papaya

Jurnal Biologi Universitas Andalas (J. Bio. UA.)
7(1) – Maret 2019: 21-26 (ISSN : 2303-2162)


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Sri Hadiati1 dan Jumjunidang1
1Balai Penelitian Tanaman Buah Tropika,Jl. Raya Solok-Aripan Km.8. PO Box 5. Solok, Sumatera Barat,
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This study aims to determine the effect of pollination on production of red dragon fruit. The study was conducted from January 2017 to May 2017 at the Aripan Experimental Field, Indonesian Tropical Fruit Research Institute. The treatments used were open pollination and hand cross pollination on 3 accessions of red dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) (Sabila Merah, HP-Lbs, HP-01). The number of crosses of each treatment ranged from 20-30 flowers. The results showed that the hand cross pollination on dragon fruit affected the fruit set, fruit weight, fruit length, fruit grade percentage, but did not affect the total soluble solid (TSS) of fruit. HP-01 accession had a percentage of fruit set, fruit weight, fruit length, TSS, and percentage of super and A fruit grade were relatively the same between the hand cross pollination and open pollination. Only several accessions of Hylocereus polyrhizus need hand cross pollination.
Keywords : Hylocereus polyrhizus, pollination, production


Jurnal Agroteknologi Universitas Andalas
Volume 3, Nomor 1, Juni 2019


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