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On Monday and Tuesday 16-17 March 2020, Balitbu Tropika distributed source seeds to BPP Kt Sungai Lasi and BPP Tanjung Harapan Solok City.

The sources of durian, mangosteen, mango and banana seeds are distributed in the framework of the BPP Land Utilization Program for the development of fruit tree parent plants which had previously been agreed upon between the Balitbu Tropika and BPP throughout the City and Regency of Solok. So that in the future there will be enough parent trees for quality seed production to support the development of fruit crop areas.

Ten BPP ready to support this program are: BPP Sungai Lasi, BPP X Koto Singkarak, BPP X Koto Above Payung Sekaki BPP, Lembang Jaya BPP, Bukit sundi BPP, Kubung BPP, Jpp Sirih BPP, Tanjung Harapan BPP, Tigo Lurah BPP.

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