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Technical Guidance for Prospective Breeder Durian of BPPP West Sumatra I Force 2020

March 12, 2020, the UPTD of the Agricultural Training and Counseling Center collaborated with the Research Institute for Tropical Fruit Plants in organizing the Training of Durian Breeders located in Balitbu Tropika.
Education and Training participated by 30 participants from the District. Agam and Fifty The city is the first of two batches planned for this March.
As the resource person, Dr. Panca Jarot Santoso, Makful MSi, Sukarmin S.P who are researchers and technicians of Balitbu Tropika. The event began at 08.30 WIB in the morning with the material Steps towards independent certification, Basic fruit and durian seedling plants continued with a field practice in the Aripan IP2TP garden. In the afternoon, technical guidance continued with durian parent tree management materials.

The training of durian breeders aims to improve the knowledge, attitudes and skills of the breeders about the technical and seedling of durian and can subsequently produce guaranteed quality durian seeds to meet the needs of the community.

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