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Technical Coordination of Horticultural Variety Registration

There are still many potential local genetic resources of horticultural crops in Indonesia that have not been used commercially. To spur commercialization and development of superior varieties of horticulture, it is necessary to register horticultural varieties.
The Center for Plant Variety and Agricultural Licensing Protection (PPVTPP) of the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Tropics of Animal Husbandry on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 held a Technical Coordination of Horticultural Variety Registration.

This activity was opened by Ir. Ewin Suib, MM, Head of the Local Variety Registration Division, accompanied by Head of BALITBU Tropika Dr. Elina Mansyah. Speakers at this activity include Prof. Sobir, Deputy Chairperson of TP2VH and Dra.Novianti from the Director General. Tananaman Horticulture Seeding.

The event was attended by the Heads of Agriculture Services in West Sumatra, Farmers' Groups, Breeders, Students and academicians.
Hopefully the use of local horticultural SDG will increase so that it can support the welfare of the community.

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