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Collaboration of BBTV Project Puslitbanghorti with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

On Tuesday 3 March 2020, Indonesian Tropical Fruit Research Institute (ITFRI)has received a visiting of Prof. Dr. Jim Lorenzen from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The meeting, a part of visiting agendas, was conducted in the showroom of ITFRI. Prof. Jim presented a brief explanation about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The visit was also to monitor the progress of the BBTV Project in ITFRI-IAARD.

Indonesia, represented by Indonesian Centre for Horticultural Research and Development (ICHORD) is one of the sub-contractors of the BBTV Project activities funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The implementing institute of the BBTV Project is ITFRI-IAARD. The signing of the subcontract was carried out in 2018 and the implementation of activities has began in 2019.
On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Jim was welcomed by the Head of ITFRI-IAARD, Dr. Ellina Mansyah. After a brief explanation and a meeting with the researchers of ITFRI, Prof. Jim accompanied by Dr. Agus Sutanto, Dr. Sukartini, and Drs. Edison visited a screen-house that used for the research related to the BBTV Project at Aripan experimental station. The agenda was continued with a visit to the Banana Germplasm Collection and Molecular and Quality Assessment Laboratory of ITFRI at Sumani Experimental Station. 
The team also invited Prof. Jim to visit the farmer trained by ITFRI, which has developed Kepok Tanjung plantation in Nagari Selayo, District of Solok, West Sumatra.
Prof. Jim expects that this collaboration can benefit the communities of Indonesia and will be improved in the next future.


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