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Bimtek Avocado Staff AGROSERVICE NESTLE Lampung

The Balitbu Tropika on 24-25 February 2020 provided Avocado Cultivation Technical Guidance (BIMTEK) to the Agriservice Department Team of PT. Nestlé Panjang Factory Lampung. Bimtek participants consisted of 5 Agronomists namely; Andrian Dwi Atmanto, Nurkholis, Krisna Aji Hutomo, Ulfa Aulia Agustina, and Ilham Adi Saputra.
Bimtek was held at IP2TP Sumani and Aripan Balitbu Tropika in West Sumatra, with training materials covering avocado seedling, cultivation for intercropping plants in coffee plantation demonstration plots and handling and control of avocado pests.

Material and field practice were delivered by Balitbu researchers and technicians Dr. Panca Jarot Santoso, Ir. Agus Susiloadi, Farihul Ihsan, SP, Amrizal, A.Md and Khairul Azmi.

Andrian Dwi Atmanto as the head of the group hoped that with this training, agronomists can add insight in the treatment of avocado intercropping plants in coffee farmers in the District. Tanggamus, Lampung. The same expectation was also conveyed by Dr. Panca Jarot Santoso as the Head of Section. Research and resource persons from the Balitbu Tropika that with this training the agronomist is able to apply the knowledge that has been shared and is able to take policy in the field needed by farmers.


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