Banana Germination Training for Farmers Groups: Fostering Kepok Tanjung Banana Breeders

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On Thursday, February 6, 2020, Balitbu Tropika with the Regional Government of Kab. Solok and Bank Indonesia have carried out the inaugural harvest event of Kepok Tanjung Cape in order to realize Nagari Selayo as a banana center.
This time, Balitbu Tropika held captive breeding training activities in Tanjung Kepok banana seeds as an effort to achieve the objectives and fulfillment of demand for Kepok Tanjung Kepanan seeds in Kab. Solok.

Edison Hs Banana Researchers from Tropical Balitbu held training for members of the Multipurpose Farmers Group on Thursday, February 20, 2020. The farmer group, chaired by Mr. Warlis Anjung, had the opportunity to carry out training in the production of Kepok Tanjung varieties of banana commodities from the research of Balitbu Tropika.
The training agenda starts from turning off the growing point on banana plants, sanitation using pesticides (fungicides and insecticides) on banana weevil to the planting process.

According to Edison, the technology exhibited can cut down the time the shoots develop, so farmers can receive the desired results more quickly.

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