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Pesawaran Durian Contest, Lampung 2020

On February 18, 2020, Sungai Langka Village became a place for the Pesawaran District durian contest. The contest which was held for the second time was attended by 103 local durian participants from various villages in pesawaran.
Balitbu Tropika participated as one of the judges in the Pasawaran Durian contest held by PT. Great Giant Foods and the District Government of Pesawaran, durian contest was opened by the Secretary of the agriculture department Kab. Pesawaran was accompanied by the Head of Sungai Langka Village in the tourist area of ​​Pekon Janda.

The jury consists of; Dr. Panca Jarot Santoso, representing Balitbu Tropika Balitbangtan, Ir. Fauzan represented PT. Great Giant Foods, Prof. Dr. Soesiloadi E Widodo from Unila, Bp. Aris Wahyudi represented Lampung durian fans, and Sarnubi S. Sos. from the Regional Government of Pesawaran.

The competition is held in three rounds. The first round was the preliminary round based on fruit performance display criteria, obtained by 32 participants. Then the second round was based on an assessment of taste, umami, and the character of the fruit flesh and seeds obtained by 11 participants. In the 3rd round the winner of the contest is determined.
The winners of this contest are: Champion I participant no. 43 Sahbit durian owned by Apriyadi, Champion II participant no. 85 belonging to Anar Suwarto, Champion III participant no 57 belongs to Alfian Syah, and Hope I participant no. 1 belongs to Usman Wahyudi, and Harapan II participant no. 75 belongs to Abdi Pangestu.
The series of contest events was closed with the distribution of prizes in the form of cash and gifts.

Texts & Photos: Panca Jarot Santoso

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