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Kubang Durian Contest 2020

The durian contest that was initiated by the Nagari Indigenous Density was supported by the union of kubang migrants opened by Deputy Mayor of Sawahlunto Zohirin Sayuti.
The contest which was first held in the city of Sawahlunto was attended by the Head of the Agriculture, Horticulture and Plantation Office of West Sumatra Province Ir. Chandra, Head of the Department of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (DKP3) Sawahlunto Lelis Epriyenti, Chairperson of Kubang Nagari Indigenous Population (KAN), Edrizon Effendi Khatib Bosa, were also all of Nagari Kubang's children.

Tropics Research and Development Agency also supported this activity by assigning two durian researchers, Dr. Panca Djarot Santoso and Ir. Ni Luh Putu Indirayani, MP to become a contest judge. Other judges are Ir. Abrar Hamdi, an envoy from the West Sumatra BPS UPTD.
Participants who took part in this durian contest reached 40 people to introduce the superiority of each participant's durian. After passing the assessment process, Champion 1 of the Kubang durian contest was won by Songgan's durian from Dewi from Sumpahan Hamlet, Kubang Utara Sikabu Village, runner-up in 2 of Rozen's Timbago durian from the Polak hamlet of Kubang Tangah Village, and 3 rd winner in Ilwandi Timbago from Sionsek Hamlet in Kubang Village Hands. While for Harapan 1, Bungkuak's durian belongs to Andi from Balai Tangah Hamlet, Pasar Kubang Village and Harapan 2 Green durian belongs to Mismer from Dalimo Gadang Hamlet.

Head of the Kubang Nagari Indigenous Density (KAN) Kubang, Edrizon Effendi Khatib Bosa, said that KAN and Kubang's nagari children were determined to hold the Kubang Durian Festival again in the coming years.
Hopefully the champion durian from this contest can be developed into a superior commodity and become an icon of Nagari Kubang and generally Sawahlunto city.


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