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Technical Meeting on Management & Development of the Ministry of Agriculture's Library Coverage

To strengthen the role of the Librarian in improving literacy and creative human resources, the Center for Agriculture Library and Technology Dissemination of the Ministry of Agriculture held:
"Technical Meeting with the theme" Acceleration of Agricultural Library Transformation Based on Social Inclusion ".

This activity was carried out to improve the Ministry of Agriculture's library services in support of agricultural development performance and services to the wider community.
Librarian Technical Meeting and library manager activities are held regularly every year by the Central Library and Agricultural Technology Dissemination (PUSTAKA) as one of the steps to improve the competence of librarians and library management performance within the Ministry of Agriculture.

This Technical Meeting was held at PUSTAKA and Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta on 12 to 15 February 2020. The event was attended by 130 participants consisting of Librarians / Library Managers within the Ministry of Agriculture.

Photo and Manuscript: Ismuharti
Editor: Website Team

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