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Land Optimization: Plant Papaya Between Mango Plants

In an effort to efficiency and optimization of land and financing requires the right steps so that land is more productive, but farm financing can be reduced. To implement this technology, Balitbu Tropika tried to optimize the mango crop land by planting the Pomegranate Red papaya plant among the mango plants conducted in September 2015. The method used was to plant Red Pomegranate mango and papaya in almost the same time in the same month. After entering the first year 8 months after planting papaya has been able to produce, this is the beginning of the independence of the land to finance itself both for the pepeya plants themselves and for the maintenance of mango plants as the main crop.
Entering the third year of the mango variety Agri Gardina planted has begun to produce fruit even though it has not been able to provide an economic impact, but this gives hope that land optimization is starting to be felt.
Entering the fourth year, several varieties of Red Garifta mango varieties have raised flowers among the papaya plants that are already in production and the new papaya plant replaces the old plants that have decreased production. With this pattern, it is increasingly giving hope that funding for managing mango crop land can be reduced and even providing optimal benefits for mango crop farmers by planting papaya intercrops.
With optimal maintenance and cultivation of papaya plants will have a production time span of 3-4 years, meaning that the land is able to finance itself with crop yields in this case is Pomegranate Red papaya.

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