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New Superior Varieties of Agrihorti Mango Palace

With the mango collection owned by the Tropical Fruit Crops Research Institute - Agricultural Research and Development Agency, it certainly provides enough opportunities to produce new high yielding varieties, either releasing from existing collections or crossing between existing varieties. To answer the challenge of the availability of mango rootstocks that have good character and are compatible with all varieties of Balitabu Tropical Mango breeder researchers have been testing varieties from the collection in the Palace Experiment Garden, and the result is VUB Kraton Agrihorti with SK Mentan No .: 051 /Kpts/SR.120/D.2.7/3/2019.

  • The following description :
    ● Origin of mango germplasm stem selection in the Kraton Experimental Garden, Pasuruan, East Java
    ● Age 43 years plant height ± 6.6 m, 153 cm stem circumference, shape of a round stem section
    ● Semi-circular canopy shape, 10.65 m header width, spreading growth behavior, medium branching density
    ● Oval leaf shape, base shape and pointed leaf tip, leaf length 23.50-30.20 cm, leaf width 4.30-6.00 cm
    ● Fruit weight 99-182 g, jorong fruit shape, fruit length 7.43 - 9.08 cm, fruit width 5.38 - 6.55 cm, fruit thickness 4.68 - 5.88 cm
    ● Fruit flesh thickness 1.10 - 1.66 cm
    ● Blunt apex, a blunt beak type
    ● Fruit skin color: base of yellow orange (Yellow-Orange Group RHS 21A), greenish-yellow tip (Yellow-Green Group RHS 151A)
    ● Yellow Orange flesh color (Yellow-Orange Group RHS 15A)
    ● Medium flesh texture, low fiber quantity, medium aroma, slightly bitter sweetness, TSS 14-19 ° Brix, acid content 0.64-1.71%, vitamin C 24.03-24.59 mg / 100 g, water content of 80.00-83.05%, the portion of fruit that can be consumed is 58.79-60.50%
    ● Number of fruits per panicle 1-4, number of fruits per plant 615-1300 fruits / phn / yr
    ● Storing power at 22-32 oC 6-10 days after harvest
    ● Production of 86-155 kg / phn / yr (ages 42-43 years)
    ● Seed weight 18-28 g, curved oval seed shape, seed length 5.15-5.74 cm, seed width 2.50-2.95 cm, polyembrioni seed type
    ● Compatibility level: connection percentage is 86.67%

    ● High number of fruits per plant, large seed size, dense roots, high degree of compatibility making it suitable for rootstock
    Adaptation area: dry lowland with altitude 1-300 m above sea level


Source : Karsinah dan Rebin


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