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New Superior Varieties Mango Denarum Agrihorti

After 16 years of mango breed researchers with their patience to do research activities that are quite tiring but encouraging because of a strong desire to produce something that will be useful for generations later, the result is DENARUM AGRIHORTI is the result of a cross between Arumanis-143 and Haden released by SK Mentan No .: 050 / Kpts / SR.120 / D.2.7 / 3/2019

● The origin of the hybridization of Arumanis-143 x Haden mangoes in 2003
● Age 10 years plant height ± 5.72 m, stem circumference 64 cm, round stem shape cross section
● Semi-circular canopy shape, ± 6.10 m header width, ducking growth behavior, moderate branching density
● Oval leaf shape, base shape and pointed leaf tip, leaf length 17.0-21.0 cm, leaf width 4.9-6.1 cm
● Fruit weight 203-458 g, jorong fruit shape, fruit length 9.77-12.36 cm, fruit width 6.27-8.76 cm, fruit thickness 5.85-8.39 cm
● Thick flesh from 1.83-2.56 cm
● Blunt fruit apex, slightly rounded base, blunt beak type
● Fruit skin color: base orange yellow (Yellow-Orange Group RHS 15C), greenish-yellow tip (Green-Yellow Group RHS 1B)
● Yellow orange flesh color (Yellow-Orange Group RHS 14 C)
● Medium flesh texture (springy), low fiber quantity, medium aroma (fragrant), slightly sour sweet taste, TSS 15-17 ° Brix, acid content 0.18-0.24%, vitamin C 17.45-39, 58 mg / 100 g, water content 72.00- 76.95%, portion of fruit that can be consumed 72.99-80.32%
● Number of fruits per panicle 1-3 fruits, number of fruits per plant 150-425 fruits / phn / yr
● Storing power at 22-32 oC 6-10 days after harvest
● Production of 53-120 kg / phn / yr (ages 9-10 years)

● High production (9 years old production is 53 kg / phn / yr and at 10 years old production is 120 kg / phn / yr)
● High edible fruit portions (72.99 -80.32%)
● High vitamin C content (17.45 - 39.58 mg / 100 g)

Adaptation area: dry lowland with altitude 1-300 m above sea level
Breeders: Karsinah and Rebin
Researcher: Ellina Mansyah, NLP. Indriyani, Sri Hadiati, Djoko Sudarso, Farihul Ihsan, Endriyanto, Rusjamin Jadi Ali, Sukarmin (Balitbu Tropika), and Hardiyanto



Sightings of AGRIHORTI DENARUM VUB tree and mango

Photos and manuscripts: Karsinah

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