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Roosmani ABS Tirtosoekotjo

Tirtosoekotjo, R. ABS. 1990. Physiochemical characteristics of durian (Durio zibenthinus Murr.) fruit after harvest. An experiment was conducted to study the physio-chemical characteristics of durian fruits after harvest and kept in room temperature. The fruits showed a climacteric pattern in respiration with the maximum amount of carbon dioxide produced as high as 35 mg/kg/hr. The chemical composition at the ripe stage was characterized by 11% TSS, acidity of 1.6% and the TSS/acid ratio as 7.5. These fruits ripened at about 3 days after harvest when stored at ambient temperature. Penel. Horti. Vol. 4(1); 42-45, 1990.
BIOLOGI PENGGEREK BUAH DURIAN Hypoperigae leprosticta (Noctuidae : Lepidoptera)
Desmawati dan Soegito

Desmawati and Soegito. 1994. Biology of durian fruit borer Hypoperigae leprosticta (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera). The observation was carried out at laboratory of SORIH (temperature 28.90C, humidity 78.50%, and altitude 414 m above sea level) from July until October 1991. The aim was to study on biologyof durian fruit borer H. leprosticta, including morphology, life cycle, and fecundity. 50 larvas of of H. leprosticta from attacked durian fruit were reared in plastic box, and fed with durian seeds. Before pupation, the larvas were transferred into plastic box containing moist soil until adult stage (moth). A couple of moth was placed in the dark room and fed with honey solution. The result showed that the life spans of the male moth was 5.6 days, while the female moth was 7.3 days. A single female laid eggs up to 107. The larval and pupal stage spent 10.77 and 25.89 days, respectively. Penel. Hort.6 (1), 1994.