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Identification, Distribution and Abundance of Scale Insect Associate with Several Clones of Durian (Durio zibethinus Merr.)

Affandi 1), Dhasa Ustistio 2), Panca Jarot Santoso 1), Ellina Mansyah 1) and Dewi Sart)iami
1) Indonesian Tropical Fruits Research Institute, Solak, West Sumatra, Indonesia
2) Faculty of Agnculture and Animal Husbandry, Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasun. Pekanbaru, Rrau, Indonesia
3) Department of Plant Protection. Bogor Agncultural University, Bogar, West Java, Indonesia


Durian contnbutes  a high economic value 1n agribusiness of horticultural product.  However,  recently the attack  of scale  insect has devastated most of pre-prccuctton trees  in  Indonesia.   A research  with  objective to know  the  basic information  about the  correct speaes,  orstnbution and  population  abundance  was  done  at Anpan  Research  Station  of Indonesian   Tropical   Fruits   Research  Institute   from  July  to  August 2018. A proper ldennficaucn  and  observation  method  were  used  to know  the  species identity,  distribution  and  abundance  of the  insect. Biotic  and  abronc  factors  in  each  done   such  as  nutnents content, tree   morphological    charactensuc,   hght   intensity,   temperature   and relative  humidity   under  canopy  were  analysed.  The  result  showed that Aulacasp1s  v1lts  Green  was  a scale  insect  identified  associating with  durian  leaves.   Clone Bintana and Sikapal were the most and the less  preferred  wit the intensity  of damage  was  88.60  % and  38.30%, respectively.   Nutnent content especially nitrogen and water as well as  canopy  morphology  were  simultaneously the  most  contributed  m the preference of a certain clone.   The pest was preferred  to dump  m the East cardinal direction and no significant drfference between  upper and  lower  part of the tree  includmg  within  and outside  of the canopy.

 AGRIVITAJoumal  of Agricultural  Science.  2019   42(2)·  1-2


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