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Balitbu Tropika Held Durian Breeder Training with BPPP West Sumatra

Some days at the Balitbu Tropika, durian seed breeder training has taken place. The event, which was funded by the aspirations of West Sumatra Province DPRD member Achmad Chaidir, was held by the UPTD BPPP in West Sumatra in collaboration with the Balitbu Tropika.  
The training which was held at the Tropics of Balitbu was held in two batches. The first batch attended by 35 seed breeders from 13 regencies / cities in West Sumatra took place from 23-28 October 2019, while the second batch which took place from 25-30 October 2019 was the majority followed by breeders from East Pasaman Regency.
For the success of this training event, Balitbu Tropika alerted experts who normally handle durian commodities, namely Dr. Panca Jarot Santoso, Farihul ihsan, SP, and Sukarmin, SP. Material about the certification process for durian seed was delivered by officers from UPTD BPSBTPH West Sumatra. While the opening ceremony and group dynamics were carried out by the West Sumatra Province Agriculture Office.
Photos and Manuscripts: Website Team
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