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Balitbu Tropika Organizes Security Unit Refreshing Training

These two days, October 23-24, 2019, the Indonesian Research and Development Agency held a refresher training in order to improve the capability of security personnel (security guards) at the Indonesian Research and Development Center.
The training was attended by all 18 Balitbu Tropika security units.
This training is a collaboration between Balitbu Tropika and Solok Kota Regional Police, which sent 4 instructors. Instructors who provided the material were Iptu Laydi (Head of Community Guidance), Ipda Suryadi (Head of Dalmas), Aiptu Mirzal (Head of Bintamsa), and Bripka Oktarizal (Head of Binpolmas). This training consisted of two sessions, namely a theoretical session about handling security, as well as the duties of security personnel at government agencies and practical sessions in the field. Hopefully this training can increase the ability of the Balitbu Tropical security unit to secure collection plants and other state assets.
Photos and Manuscripts: Website Team
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