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Towards Informative Predicate, PPID Implementing Tropical Child Research Institute Holds Information Session on Management, Services and Submission of Public Information

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, the PPID Balitbu Tropika held a socialization on the management, training and delivery of public information on the scope of Tropical Balitbu. This socialization is carried out to make tropical Balitbu become an informative predictive public body.

The event was located in the Tropical Balitbu Auditorium which was attended by Tropical Balitbu employees. The event began with a presentation on the condition of the PPID Balitbu Tropika. Balitbu Tropika began carrying out PPID activities in 2017. Material on public information disclosure was delivered by Nofal Wiska, S.Ip as a representative of the West Sumatra Information Commission.

In the PPID ranking in 2019, Balitbu Tropika became the best PPID in the Horticulture Research and Development and was ranked 7th at the level of the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development. In the category of vertical agencies throughout West Sumatra by the Sumatra Information Commission, Balitbu Tropika was once again nominated as one of the best public bodies with the best PPID management.

Photos and Manuscripts: Website Team

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