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PPL of Solok Regency Conducts Field Visit to Balitbu Tropika

Monday morning, October 21, 2019, as many as 108 Field Agricultural Extension Workers (PPL) throughout Solok Regency conducted field visits to Balitbu Tropika. The group was received by the Head of Research Institute for Tropical Balitbu, Dr. Panca Jarot Santoso at the Tropical Balitbu Auditorium. On this occasion Dr. Jarot gave a glimpse of the tupoksi Tropical Balitbu, experimental gardens and commodities handled.

The group was led directly by the Head of Extension of the Agriculture Office of the Solok Regency, Ir. Sri Anima, MM, visited Balitbu Tropika in the framework of a field visit to increase the capacity of agricultural instructors in Solok Regency. After explaining the brief profile of Balitbu Tropika, the event continued with a visit to several fruit plant blocks and to the nursery at Aripan IP2TP.

Photos and Manuscripts: Website Team

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